The primary purpose of a program review is to ensure continuous improvement of the academic unit in alignment with the institution’s goals, mission, and strategic indicators.

Specifically, for an advising program, it aims to evaluate how well the program meets the diverse needs of students, assesses student satisfaction, and ensures effective advising processes.

A fundamental course that provides a broad coverage of the basic principles of Physical Chemistry. (This course covers many of the topics covered by University students in General Chemistry II) The concepts covered will introduce and describe the kinetics of chemical reactions, including the derivation of rate laws, describing the concentration, temperature and other dependences of a chemical reaction, and the subsequent formulation of reaction mechanisms will be explored in detail for simple chemical reactions. This course emphasizes major topics such as chemical and ionic equilibrium, electrochemistry and reaction kinetics

This course is a survey of Inorganic Chemistry. A systematic examination of the chemical elements and their compounds with an emphasis on the properties of periods and groups. The course illustrates the correlation of physical and chemical properties of inorganic compounds to atomic structure and bonding. It emphasizes the chemical and physical trends of inorganic elements and or compounds. The qualitative analysis of ions (cations and anions) is also discussed.

The major areas of concern will include: Group I and II elements and selected compounds, Group IV elements and selected compounds, Group VII elements and selected compounds, first row of transition elements and selected compounds

This course covers the laboratory aspects of BIO 107 & BIO 211. It is a one-credit course that has two hours of lab session/week. Topics covered include but are not limited to: methods for measuring the environment, calculations for determining species density using different indexes, methods for sampling the environment, food webs, food chains, and trophic levels of organisms. 

This course is the co-requisite of Fundamentals of Chemistry and is a separate course. This course strengthens and puts to practice the concepts learned in class.