This course is designed to provide teachers with opportunities to explore and strengthen their own health related knowledge, skills and attitudes and to empower them to foster the promotion and protection of good health and welfare in their future students.

The aim of social studies course is the promotion of civic competence--the knowledge, intellectual processes, and democratic dispositions required of students to be active and engaged participants in public life. Although civic competence is not the only responsibility of social studies nor is it exclusive to the field, it is more central to social studies than to any other subject area in schools. Also this course will prepare student teachers to effectively and efficiently teach social studies using a variety of teaching learning strategies that are student centered focused and that promote differentiation.Important teaching learning strategies will be paramount such as inquiry/discovery learning, problem solving approach and differentiated instruction. focus will also be given on the coverage of key concepts..

Classroom Management is a course that prepare student teachers to create positive and productive classroom environments for secondary schools. It will help participants to help create successful learning environments. Relevant classroom management frameworks and key theories which underpin classroom management. Key strategies are introduced to help participants deal with the multitude of issues that occur inside a classroom.

This course covers various teaching methodologies focused for secondary level of schooling in Belize. Participants will be exposed to theoretical perspectives that underpin different models of teaching and also demonstrate the use of different models of teaching. It will also prepare them to plan, design and conduct effective instruction.