This course is designed to engage students into critical thinking and analysis by providing them with the opportunity to engage in historian’s work. Students will examine both primary and secondary sources to reconstruct history to better understand the behavior and thinking of past people and societies. Special topics for this course include: Maya society and culture prior to European contact, Conquest and the Spanish colonial experiment, British colonialism and resistance, and Neo-imperialism. Emphasis is also placed on Guatemala’s unfounded territorial and maritime claim on Belize.

This course serves to provide a general overview of Belize's history from a Pre-Columbian era to Independence. This course examines Belize beyond the confines of its borders- it places Belize within the context of the Atlantic World. Clearly then, Belize's identity is not only created by its internal struggles but a integration of both internal and external conflicts. Topics which this course covers are: pre-Columbian society, Colonialism, Forestocracy, Enslavement, Multi-Cultural Belize, and Decolonization. Emphasis is also placed on the unfounded claim of Guatemala.